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Produced from 2006 to date and generally still in use with the original purchaser so quite rare on eBay etc. While relatively stable in design over 10 years the sensor used has changed a number of times although always a A-Si bolometer from ULIS. The use of a French detector would have simplified export control. Even though the US fully adopted the Wassenaar Arrangement rules, their license conditions often include re-export controls. The Argus 4 is now sold as an Avon Protection product, having been sold as e2v until the business sale to Avon Rubber in 2015.


Data Table for Argus4

Sensing Method Bolometer using A-Si materials. The pixel resistance changes with temperature as it is heated or colled by the scene focussed upon it.
Sensor Type / Size ULIS 160x120 35m pitch (P7030), controlled sensor temperature using Peltier.
ULIS 320x240 25m pitch (P7130 and derivatives such as P7225), controlled sensor temperature using Peltier.
ULIS 320x240 25m pitch (P7150)
ULIS 160x120 25m pitch (P7050)
Lens Parameters Various f/1 lenses giving 50 field of view (except some variants). Fixed focus by moving lens at build
Dynamic Range / Control 150C in 'ambient scene' settings. Up to 1100C in low gain mode. No iris, dynamic range controlled by sensor electronic settings.
Display 3.5" colour LCD, driven direct
Sensitivity (MDTD) Between 40mK and 90mK in 'ambient scene' depending on sensor and variant.
Power Source 6 x NiMH 1800mAh as standard but an 'AA' cell accessory was also available.
Power System Battery voltage used internally, camera ~4W depending on Peltier loading.
Video Output Network video (RTSP) available via accessory battery pack as well as supporting a number of other digital video accessories for recording or transmission
Analogue video output via battery connector using an accessory battery pack for most models, at 60Hz / 525 line NTSC only.
Image Processing Bolometer sensors require calibration and also 'on the fly' blank field correction using a periodic shutter.
Manufacturer Status Later models are in manufacture and serviced. Some repairs (eg to sensor) now likely to be uneconomic.
Number and Years Built High 1000's from 2006 - 2018+
Export Status Dual use controlled under Wassenaar Arrangement unless a 9Hz limited type.
Publicity Argus 4 datasheet
Argus 4 user manual


As well as the main model variants that appeared alongside sensor evolution, each generally had a 9Hz export control free version. In addition the P7130 premium type with the best sensor had black security / police versions an area not addressed by e2v since P4440 days.


Several options of video transmitters or wired output devices built into battery packs (as this was the means to access additional functions).
Truck mount to charge batteries via contacts on the top of the battery, or simply to hold the camera.
Camera supplied with user software on CD for image download and setup of features.

Hobby user information

As a current product, few appear for hobby use. Those that do appear are likely to be early P7030 models

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