Connecting ARGUS 4 to the PC software.

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Connecting ARGUS 4 to the PC software.

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I am tying to connect a Argus 4 to the customer CD that comes with the camera using the Fischer usb connector.

I can get the camera to register on the PC ( windows 10 and Xp) but the Argus 4 software will not connect to it. In the computers device manager the camera does not have the required drivers. I have tried to automatically detect the device drivers, but this doesn't work.

I have taken the camera apart and found this CP2102 IC connected to the Fischer connector. This is a UART to USB converter from its datasheet.

( ... wz4u_yvCdi)

it requires device drivers from silicon labs .
( ... warea-bgvU)

I have then installed all these drivers on to both a windows 10 and XP ( via a virtual machine) both times i have not been able to connect the camera to the software.

I did have a little luck with a driver ' silicon labs Quad CP210x USB to UART Bridge : interface 0. With this driver the camera no longer connected as 'Argus 4 .... ' when i plugged the USB, it connected as the above driver name.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Connecting ARGUS 4 to the PC software.

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There are a number of very confusingly named drivers for the Argus4, and the various camera types had different USB ID's. The USB ID were used to pre-selected some of the 'factory' side options and what colour the screen background was. The cameras use 'e2v' USB ID's not the Si-labs virtual port, I'll try to get a list together and post later, but e2v VID is FD3 and the camera PID's are 100 - 104.
Si Labs is USB ID 10C4 / EA60 ... dentifiers

Most likely is that you installed what seemed the 'obvious' option and that is not always OK. The common trap was choosing 'Argus4' (installs the P7030 driver FD3/100) for a P7150 (I think needs the 'fire camera' or 'Argus4 320' driver with ID FD3/103)

Key questions are:
Which camera type have you got - by the serial number label.
P7030 (or P7009)
P7050 (or P7059)
P7130 (or P7109)
P7150 (or P7159)
P7225 (or P7229)
P7250 (or P7259)

Can you check the camera USB ID ?
You can check the USB ID being presented from the Si-Labs CP2102 with 'UVCView' or similar to find the USB VID / PID.
UVCView links for Wayback mahcine: ... zUepU1YFCA

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