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The Fire TICs site is an archival site for EEV / Marconi / e2v heritage fire thermal cameras.

Through several corporate guises over 30 years, EEV / Marconi / e2v produced a range of thermal cameras aimed mostly at the civil fire services from the Chelmsford factory. Many of these cameras are coming to the end of their lives in front line use and becoming available to both secondary users and hobbyists. This site documents those cameras to allow current owners to understand and maintain their cameras in the future. The technology page gives more detail of camera operation, the buttons below link to details on each model while there is a forum where there are several knowledgeable members for hobbyist / enthusiast owners to discuss cameras, spares and repairs.

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The buttons below give more details on each camera type and include datasheets, images and manuals.

Early Cameras
P4221 and P4228

P4428 Cameras

Large lens tube cameras

P4444 Helmet Camera

P4438 Argus 1 Camera

P4455 Argus 2 Cameras

P4466 & P4467 Argus 3 Cameras

Argus 4 Camera series

MITIC Camera series


The site is an archive of the civil cameras produced in Chelmsford by EEV (1981 - 1999) / Marconi (1999 - 2002) / e2v (2002 - 2015) during the era of thermal imaging at that location. The information may also be of use in looking after similar cameras by other manufacturers or project builds using parts from these cameras.

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