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The active part of the EEV / Marconi / e2v 'Argus' thermal camera business was sold by e2v in October 2015 to Avon Protection who continue to produce and support the camera models that were in production at the time (Argus 4, MiTIC etc). The main website for current products is
Coverage of the products currently supported by Avon is therefore limited in respect of Avon's ongoing commercial interest in the Argus products.
This site therefore is concerned with Argus 3 and earlier, and the information provided here has been released publically by EEV / Marconi / e2v or other organisations. It is provided here for the use of second-users or hobbyists interested in maintaining the cameras in the future.

About Cameras

Thermal imaging technology is a sensitive area and can be subject to export controls as it has potential military uses. Indeed some of the early solid state detectors and cores were spin offs from US military programmes. The term 'ITAR' is often banded about in respect of thermal cameras but ITAR is more focussed on arms, and is a US law administer via the State Department. The common cameras like those shown here are not ITAR.
The cameras here are however subject to controls as 'Dual Use' under the Wassenaar Arrangement which applies through local laws in many countries / economic zones. The Wassenaar arrangment includes several blanket exemptions covering the Pevicon tube cameras (TGS material detectors) and also low frame rate cameras (9 images per second or less) as both these are considered militarily useless. It is this reason that results in most 'retail' cameras with origins in the US (eg FLIR) being limited to 9Hz.
The export controls are enforced at a national level (US 'EAR' Dept of Commerce, UK BIS) and free movement is only possible within certain countries or economic groupings.
If in doubt check !
In many cases even if a license is needed it would be readily granted, after some amounts of paperwork.

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