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Commercial Repairs

FIRE-TICS offers a fixed price repair service for those models of Argus cameras no longer serviced by Avon. This is aimed at professional users and includes a report on work done and a despatch test report to the original EEV / Marconi / e2v procedures. Servicing is to original EEV / Marconi standards ( I wrote most of them after all !) and will use 'new old stock' or refurbished parts as necessary.

Tier 1      Inspection report, repair report & testing. Includes minor adjustments, repairs and minor parts as required.     GBP 150
Tier 2     

Cameras needing major replacement parts or full disassembly to effect the repair, eg a lens or PCB.
Where a tube camera (Argus1, P4438) requires full setup and condition evaluation
Repair of accessories or P4428's is also likely to be in this category due to the work involved.
    GBP 300

Tier 3     
Cameras needing sensor replacement, includes any other replacement parts required.     GBP 400

Return shipping is charged at cost using insured courier, or customers may arrange collection on their own courier account.

All levels include a repair report and final test report to the original EEV / Marconi / e2v procedures

Please note that tier 1 is the minimum charge and so pre-approved to reduce lead time, there are no estimates for smaller repairs. It is also recommended to pre-approve tier 2 to allow cameras to be inspected and repaired concurrently.
There is full coverage for Argus2 and Argus3 models. Spares stock is more limited for the earlier tube-based cameras (Argus1 and P4428) and repairing one of these cameras requiring tier 3 repairs is probably not worthwhile. An exchange for an Argus2 is available instead of sensor replacement. When exchanging an Argus1 this allows the existing accessories and batteries to be used as these are compatible. It may also be the case that 2 good cameras can be made from 3 faulty ones.
Argus4 repairs are also now available direct including recalibration and sensor health checks.

Enquiries from all users welcome.

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