Replacement Batteries

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Replacement Batteries

Post by forum_admin » Fri Jun 09, 2017 1:58 am

As noted on the Argus3 page here, there is a problem in obtaining spare batteries. Despite using commercial camcorder rechargeable batteries, the fitment inside the camera makes it fussy over the exact type. On camcorders the battery is not in a tight pocket but clips to the rear in an exposed position.

Original Varta V217 and Duracell DR11 were fine but the cnly packs now available for a while now have been Chinese clones which no longer fit the camera battery pocket due to clumsy simplified case welding. It has been known for users to file down the offending lumps and fit the battery. Some good news recently is that the following are reported as fitting OK straight off: ... B000OMA4VY

Anyone finding similar batteries that fit - please post


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