Hello from Netherlands!

Say hello and ask any general thermal imaging questions here.

The only rule is that no question too dumb !
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Hello from Netherlands!

Post by Lambda » Tue Feb 09, 2021 11:48 pm

My name is Stéphane.

First of all, thank you a lot for the priceless amount of informations available on your website in addition to the nice topics in the forum.

I am a night vision hobbyist and i enjoy my hobby in a DIY spirit as much as my little capabiities allow that (a bunch of passive spotter made from 2 venerable cascade tube P8079HP, from one old gen 3 MX10160 , using some exotic fast lens, enjoying "digital" NC through CMOS/CCD astrocamera (ZWO290MM, old WATEC120n+), runcam and so on....), with the help of plywood, glue, PVC, soldering, trash salvaging, and sweat.... :D

Therefore, enjoying astro/terrestrial nigh vision in VIS/NIR domain, i would like to explore, learn and experiment in the domain of LWIR/thermal....
my current NV gears give me access to NIR/SWIR domain, and observing glowing a soldering iron, or cooking plate is enjoyable, but i would like to go down in temperature!

Therefore, among knowledge and having nice exchanges here, i am also looking for some DIY kit or parts, ideally thermal core like Raytheon 2000 or L3 version... Apparently on the website Fire-tics, the Raytheon 2000 is currently out of stock, but perhaps some of you would have some hints, suggestions or even proposal to acquire a kit of this sort or similar? i was also thinking to salvaged camera system form night vision used for car, etc....
E-Bay is a a great source of pieces, but it is a bit a jungle and between the prices quite frightening and the US regulation (ITAR).... sourcing parts are not so easy....

Voilà, sorry for my a bit long introduction.....

Anyway, thank you for your acceptance and welcoming.

Best regards.


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